Trademarks & Domain Assets

Welcome + General Information

We are a brand marketing agency, and the website domain that landed you on this page is either owned by us or managed by us on behalf of one of our clients. 

The process of naming and researching efficient marketing pathways is a substantial portion of our agency’s larger offering of brand establishment. Securing web domains relevant to the intents established by our clients and strategists is a wise approach and a natural part of our positioning strategies. 

We manage hundreds of high-quality domain and trademark assets for campaigns, businesses, products, and other offerings. This page is linked to from many of these online assets, which are in various stages of development or incubation. 

That said, some ideas, campaigns, and initiatives may have been discarded, put on the backburner, or have otherwise fallen by the wayside. Therefore, there is a possibility that the domain of interest may be available for purchase, partnerships & joint ventures, leasing or licensing, and/or other creative collaborations that are mutually beneficial to all involved.

Domain Valuation: Understanding the Name Game

The name is at the core of all brand initiatives, and the value of a domain is both in the naming and within what you do in positioning it.

The investment of positioning and naming is something we walk customers through in our agency which deals with in the larger offering of brand establishment.

Therefore, in the proposed acquisition of any of the domains we own or manage, you’re also paying for our services and expertise in this industry. 

If you wanted that desirable waterfront home or corner property on the busy street for your business, you’d have to make an equivalent investment and offer. This situation is no different. Not only is an investment being made in “internet real estate,” it is also an investment in connectivity and perceptual positioning.

A Domain’s Purpose: Creating Connection

A name’s purpose is beyond a brand name. It’s an essence. And with some acquisitions, you get to “own” a concept. So the value in naming is not only the first step, but it facilitates alignment and calibration required for a highly connective customer interaction. 

Over the past few decades, we’ve invested immense resources into building brand assets that are meaningful, connective, easy to remember, have great auditory flow, and/or are otherwise desirable due to their uniqueness. We build brands with “stick factor” and campaigns with high memorability. This can lead to great traffic with highly qualified leads and long-term, residual profits. 

But all of this only works with a great point of connection at its core. That’s what a great domain name does. It facilitates the alignment and calibration required for a highly connective customer interaction with your offering. 

All this leads to higher brand equity and lifetime value of a customer, while anything not highly connective leads to hidden marketing costs. 

That’s what you get when investing in a great domain name when it’s aligned with your offering to the world… An effective pathway to growth.

Interested in Proceeding?

Contact us if you are interested in discussing the potential of leveraging or acquiring one of our domain, web, or trademark assets.

How the Domain Offer & Acquisition Process Works:

  1. You speak with whomever you need to, you get clear, and you prepare your best offer. 
  2. You email us at with a valid offer. Your email must include the following information:
    1. The Domain: The domain name(s) you desire that led you here.
    2. Your Info: Your contact information for us to reply to you.
    3. Purchasing Party Info: The final purchasing party/actual beneficiary’s information (we require the full legal name for any business or individual, plus the city, state, and country in which they reside). The contract will be written with their information and will have a clause with a limitation on resale to promote honesty and transparency in this process. 
    4. The Offer: One final purchase price or detailed collaborative proposal outlining all key terms. 
    5. The Intent: Any additional context we may need to make an effective decision. Helping us understand your objectives helps you because we may have additional assets, connections, or an unseen solution that may better serve your intent.  
  3. We reply to valid, appropriate, respectful offers after consulting with clients, our legal team, and any other parties necessary. If additional information is required, we will notify you. But in most cases, we either reply with acceptance or simply do not reply because the inquiry did not meet our requirements. 
  4. We prepare and provide the Domain Transfer Agreement to be executed by the Purchasing party. 
  5. Once the contract is returned, we initiate the facilitation through only one of the highest reputable third-party escrow services. The process is completed through the procedures on the escrow platform. 


Also, Please Note the Following: 

  1. We do not counteroffer, we simply reply with a notification of acceptance and appropriate action if the parties on our end desire to proceed. 
  2. Please understand that we sometimes receive price inquiries and lowball offers in an attempt to fish for information or initiate a negotiation. This doesn’t work because in many cases on the other end of the transaction are multiple people/companies who need to meet a few times to make a decision. 
  3. With our confidentiality agreements in place, we are not at liberty to have casual discussions, answer any questions, or disclose anything beforehand. 
  4. We are happy to work with both agents as well as the final purchasers directly.  
  5. We do not reply to legal advice or positioning. 
  6. We do not move to other transaction platforms or follow practices consistent with online scams. 
  7. We reserve the right to not reply. 
    1. We may or may not be open to entertaining offers at the time you initiated. However, most offers with mutually beneficial intent receive at least a reply.
    2. If you did not hear back from us, you may follow up one additional time if you need to provide additional information. 
    3. Being intentional, clear, thorough, and respectful goes a long way. 


We only interact with people who know the actual value of these types of assets. 

We’re experienced in these matters and have seen and heard it all. Therefore, the simple process above is the required process to proceed. 

Many who purchase domain assets become brand development customers. In fact, if desired, we’ll even offer an initial consultation and how to better position the name post purchase where we provide an hour of understanding of how your domain name has a potential of unfoldment at a whole other level. 

Thank you.